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Sugar Daddy Dating in Canada: Canada along with the United States and Australia is one of the 3 countries which has the largest number of sugar daddies and sugar babies in the entire world. Needless to say, if you’re looking for a sugar daddy, Canada is the place to be. The problem however for most of the girls is how to find the prospective sugar daddy. The perfect solution is to pick the right dating website. With so many different sugar daddy websites available, it can be a daunting task to pick the right one.

We will help you in this regard. We have listed below top 5 sugar daddy sites for Canadian rich singles and sugar babies. Later on in the article, we will also list the most promising Canadian cities to find a sugar daddy in

Top 5 Sugar Daddy Websites for Canadian Rich Singles & Sugar Babies: Whether you’re looking for a Canadian sugar daddy or sugar daddy in a particular city like Toronto, these websites have got you covered. These are some of the best sugar daddy sites for Canadians.



Easy to use mobile application, Certified daddies feature
SugarDaddyMeetSugarDaddyMeet has been around since 2001. It specializes in the sugar daddy and sugar baby niche. According to the website, there are over 240,000 sugar daddies looking for sugar babies. The number of sugar babies is equally lucrative at over 1 million. The members are spread across Canada, United Kingdom, Australia as well as the United States. When you’re looking for a Edmonton sugar daddy or Vancouver sugar daddy, you will be able to find one quite easily. The website consists of Canadian members in high numbers which ensures that you will be able to find sugar daddies locally. There are various options in order to not just authenticate the identity of the individual but also to communicate with them. There are features like certified daddies, let's meet, 1st to date gifts. In addition to that, there is a mobile application which you can use easily. The individuals who have the badge certified daddies in their profile have verified income levels. If you’re looking for sugar daddies or sugar babies in Canada, this website should be on top of your list.
Premium Costs per monthTotal
1 Month50.00 USD50.00 USD
3 Months30.00 USD90.00 USD
6 Months24.00 USD144.00 USD


Large number of Canadian members, Free registration for college students
SeekingArrangement SeekingArrangement (Seeking.com) has over 10 million members. It is one of the best websites to find sugar daddies and Sugar babies in Canada. The member composition of the website is such that the number of sugar babies is on the higher side as compared to the number of sugar daddies. This ensures that you will be able to start your relationship quite easily. Moreover, the website takes the privacy of their members pretty seriously. It encrypts all the identity information. It also verifies the identity information to avoid fake profiles. The site is pretty famous and has been mentioned in multiple media publications like CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and the Huffington Post.
Premium Baby Costs per monthTotal
1 Month19.95 USD19.95 USD
3 Months14.95 USD44.85 USD
6 Months9.95 USD59.70 USD
Premium Daddy Costs per monthTotal
1 Month89.95 USD89.95 USD
3 Months79.95 USD239.85 USD


5 million+ members, High concentration of Canadian members
SugarDaddie SugarDaddie.com has been around since 2002. The total number of members is over 5 million. According to the website, there are more than 1000 members signing up on a daily basis. It is a straight sugar daddy website which ensures that you will be able to find sugar babies quite easily. The website allows the members to browse through the member pool. Also, it allows the prospective visitors to have limited access to the member pool. In addition to that, the current status of the members can be viewed as well. You can instantly know whether the member is online or not. Also, as the website is one of the oldest ones which promotes the sugar daddy and Sugar baby arrangement, it is been featured in many media publications like CNN and Fox. This is another website which you can try in order to find sugar daddies or sugar baby in Canada.
Premium Costs per monthTotal
1 Month33.99 USD33.99 USD
3 Months22.66 USD67.99 USD
6 Months19.83 USD118.99 USD
12 Months17.00 USD203.99 USD


Website with the different concept, Background verified accounts
MissTravel MissTravel is a sugar daddy and sugar baby website with a twist. Even though it helps you in finding the right prospective partner for such a relationship but it is more geared towards finding Sugar babies for accompanying you on an exotic trip. Moreover, the sugar babies who like to travel a lot can easily find the sugar daddy to visit all of those exotic locations. Thus, you can easily find a suitable partner to take with you on your next trip. This also ensures that members are able to spend some quality time with each other at exotic locations. That is why it has become quite popular. Each and every member goes through a background verification process which ensures that there are only completely genuine profiles. The website also offers you the feature to list down the trip on which you are willing to go with your prospective partner. This helps you attract the right kind of partner for your trips as well. Thus, if you like to travel a lot and love this kind of relationship, this is the perfect website for you.
Premium Costs per monthTotal
1 Month59.99 USD59.99 USD
3 Months54.99 USD164.97 USD
6 Months49.99 USD299.94 USD


Auction-type interface, Easy to make an offer
WhatsYourPrice WhatsYourPrice is another sugar daddy and sugar baby website with a unique twist. It has an auction -like interface. You can actually build on the prospective members going on dates with you or going on a trip with you. That is why it is actually pretty straightforward. If you like someone’s profile, you can easily use the make an offer option in order to place the bet. Also, this website allows you to create a verified profile by submitting additional details as well as paying $50. Also, you will be able to see the recent activity of the prospective members. This helps you in only getting in touch with the active members. There are various details listed on the profiles of the prospect of partners like 1st date expectations as well as qualities which they possess and their income. The interface is also pretty user-friendly which ensures that you are able to browse through the members quite easily. Thus, if you’re looking for a straightforward sugar daddy and Sugar baby website, you can definitely check this one out.
Premium Costs per creditTotal
100 Credits0.50 USD50.00 USD
450 Credits0.33 USD150.00 USD
1,000 Credits0.25 USD250.00 USD

Top 5 Popular Cities With Most Canadian Sugar Daddies & Babies: This was a report by the Huffington Post and Toronto Sun, the sugar daddy capital of Canada. It is followed by Toronto. Today, we will list on the top 5 cities in Canada where you can find your sugar daddy.



The Sugar Baby Capital of Canada
sugar daddy toronto On an average, Toronto has 2.9 sugar daddies per 1000 males. This concentration is pretty high which ensures that when you’re in Toronto, finding a sugar daddy becomes easier for you. With such a high concentration of sugar daddies, it is easier to find local sugar daddies when you’re in Toronto rather than having to travel.


Sugar Daddy Capital of Canada
sugar daddy vancouver Vancouver as we stated above, is the best the city to find sugar daddies in Canada. The concentration of filthy and rich man is on the higher side. As a result, finding a local prospective sugar daddy is much easier. The concentration of sugar daddies in Vancouver is still higher at 3.86 sugar daddies per 1000 males. Moreover, on an average sugar daddy Vancouver spends $4900 on their prospective partner. This is also higher by $600 as compared to sugar daddies in other cities. Thus, Vancouver is the perfect place for you if you’re looking for a sugar daddy.


With Most of Generous Sugar Daddies in Albert
sugar daddy edmonton When you are looking for Edmonton sugar daddy you won’t be disappointed at all as it is at the 3rd place when it comes to concentration of sugar daddies. The average number of sugar daddies per 1000 males in Edmonton is 2.39. If you’re on the lookout for a general sugar daddy, then Edmonton is the most perfect option for you. Not only, the sugar daddies are generous they do not forget their manners as well which ensures that you are able to have a pleasant relationship.


With Most of Sugar Daddies in Quebec, Speaking France
sugar daddy montreal Montreal is another Canadian city on the list which has a significant number of sugar daddies. When you’re in Montréal, you will not have to worry about searching for a long period of time when it comes to finding Sugar daddies. There are plenty of successful men looking to spice up their lives. The average concentration of sugar daddies in Montréal per 1000 males is 2.18. Thus, finding the local prospective partner will not be an issue.


Cougar & Sugar Momma Dating Community
sugar daddy calgary The concentration of sugar daddies in Calgary is actually even more than Montréal. The number stands at 2.26 sugar daddies per 1000 males. Thus, it is a good place to be in when you’re looking for sugar daddies. Moreover, it is one of the top cities to be a sugar baby in as you will be pampered by your prospective partner.

Thus, when you’re looking at the top cities in Canada to find a sugar daddy, these are the five options which you can look forward to. If you’re looking to forge a sugar daddy, sugar baby relationship, you can use the above 5 sugar daddy sites as they are the perfect choice for finding Canadian prospective partners. In addition to that, the above 5 cities are the perfect place to be in when you’re looking to enter such a relationship. With the help of these resources, you will be able to find your prospective sugar daddy or sugar baby quite easily.

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